Andrew Boudon '15

I am on Spring Break, and revel in this with my pets:

School is back in full swing!

I’ll be heading back to school this weekend!

Finals have finished, papers have been handed in, travels home have been traveled home. Although I had the ineffable pleasure of having my original flight canceled and getting rerouted through Detroit, I am now getting comfortable at home. I’ve been relaxing and catching up with friends, though in my own fashion I am certainly keeping busy over break. Here are my general objectives for our month-long vacation:

  • Read (I’ve already read “As I Lay Dying” and re-read “Julius Caesar”)
  • Run
  • Work on Greek (to prepare for my jump from Intro to Intermediate)
  • Work (If I can find any job that hasn’t already been scooped up)

I truly enjoyed my first semester of college, and I’m going to build up my energy over break so I can rush headfirst into Spring semester! 🙂

Hello everybody!

I haven’t had much time to make videos recently because a lot has been happening. Classes have been making their final strides, big papers have been due… for next week is Finals week. I’m really glad that I’ve handed in my main papers and taken care of those. I have finals, but I’m not worried about those: I generally prefer tests to papers.

Here’s a run-down of some of the recent goings-on:

  1. ABiGaLe/Allies, the gay/straight alliance on campus, had its last meeting (I’m a Freshman liaison for that group).
  2. ASL (American Sign Language) Club had its last meeting to recap what we’ve done this semester and what we’re planning for the spring.
  3. Eta Sigma Phi (Classics Honors Society) had its last meeting, at which we brainstormed ideas for our annual shirt.


Also, I am going to be in a One-Act. Students who take directing classes have to put on one-acts, where they take a play, cut it down to within a half-hour, and perform it. A friend of mine invited me to act in his one-act, and we’ll be performing it Sunday evening. I’m really excited!

I’m busy but love everything I’m involved in. See you later!

A lot’s been going on recently, so here’s an update of the most recent events in my life on the hill!

Frisbee and Montserrat

Hello everyone! My name is Andrew Boudon and here are ten things that will give you a basic idea of who I am:

  1. I’m a Classics major. I absolutely love the Classics and everyone involved in them.
  2. I also love languages in general, and right now I’m learning American Sign Language.
  3. I translate songs into sign language and perform them.
  4. I run every day.
  5. Reading is wonderful! 😀 My favorite books include Fahrenheit 451, To Kill a Mockingbird, Paradise Lost, and Everything is Illuminated.
  6. All of my clothing relates to Latin, my high school (St. Ed’s), or Holy Cross.
  7. I have a weakness for Nature Valley bars. They are delicious.
  8. I want to teach languages and write several books.
  9. I love my dorm, Mulledy, mostly for all the awesome people that live there!
  10. I always want to be as involved as possible and do as much as I can. One of the best things about Holy Cross is the feeling that everyone shares this desire to be involved and active. I love it here!

I’m really excited to show how my Freshman year goes, I’ve already done a lot and met some wonderful people!